Micronutrients – Essential for a Healthy Body

Finally got around to watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I loved it.  Thought it was entertaining, thought provoking, and informative.  For those of you that haven’t seen it,  this documentary follows a man ( Joe Cross from Australia) across the U.S. who is doing a 60 day Fast.  All he consumes in the 60 days is water, and  freshly made juice made up of fruits and vegetables. No solid food is allowed during the fast/ cleanse.  Joe is doing this cleanse for multiple reasons

  1. He’s Fat – His weight has yo yo’d for years.  He always indulges in the modern western diet- burgers, soft drinks, pizza, fast food, etc.
  2. He’s Sick – He takes a handful of pills every morning for common health issues as well as medication for  an auto immune disease he is fighting.   The symptoms from his illness are causing him chronic pain on a daily basis.
  3. He’s Dying –  He doesn’t want to spend his life “Actively Dying” he wants to live a life filled with vitality.

Its hard not to like Joe !!  He is very likable right from the beginning of this film, and you can’t help but root for him on his journey to Health.

Towards the beginning of the documentary Joe is just talking to random people on the streets who all appear to be very unhealthy.  I was astounded to hear their answers when asked how old they think they will live if they continue on the same path they are currently on.  Most thought they might make it to 50 !!  There were plenty thought that said early 40’s, mid 40’s… SCARY.  These individuals did not seem excited by their answers, but they also did not seem to be scared… Considering the answer for most of them was less than 10 years away.  It was as if they didn’t realize they were cutting their life in 1/2 just by their current lifestyle.

When these people were told of Joe’s 60 day fast no one seemed interested to try it themselves.  This is most likely because most people tend to deprive themselves when they think of dieting.  No diet has worked in the past, so why would this work.  I noticed some common behaviors, comments that I think are worth sharing, because I think they will resonate with most of us.

Excuse #1 – Its my life, and no one can tell me what to eat.  I’ll eat what I want, when I want.

Excuse # 2- I’d rather eat what I want, be happy and die young… compared to eating salads and living longer

Excuse # 3 – I’m to young to care.  I’m to old to care.  I’m to busy to care.

Excuse # 5 – I know its my own fault, and when I decide I’m ready I will take action.

Do these sound familiar ??  The worst thing is when people describe themselves as “happy” when they are “sick and over weight”.  Whenever you dig below the surface just the tiniest bit they discover and reveal that in fact they are not happy at all.  They want a change, and they want to feel good about themselves… they just don’t know how.

This documentary helped a few people find the happiness they were searching for and I think thats why it was so well received.

I titled this post MICRONUTRIENTS – because this is the key word I personally took from the film.  I do recommend the film to all because I think it was great, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with every part of it.

Micronutrients -( taken from wikipedia) are nutrients required by humans and other living things throughout life in small quantities to orchestrate a whole range of physiological functions, but which the organism itself cannot produce.

The documentary simplified this and I liked it.  Micronutrients include VEGETABLES, FRUITS.  These are where we get are vitamins and minerals that are needed for health and for the body to function properly.  All other foods in the film were considered Macronutrients.

The video suggests that the juice cleanse will help to re-boot the system.  Some of the benefits that can come along from juicing include reduced inflammation and swelling, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced risk for heart disease and heart attack, weight loss, enhanced energy.  Sounds great right ??  I think so, and I really do believe that all this is possible.

For someone who needs to lose 50-100 + pounds this Fast may be a great way to Re-boot the system.  I do think that it is vitally important that before anyone takes on this journey that they becomes comfortable and familiar with how they are going to eat after this journey.  If you do not practice healthy eating habits before than you will more than likely go right back to eating the way you did before.  Then it all becomes a big waste.

Most people do not consume nearly enough MICRONUTRIENTS in their current diet.  And after watching this film it will motivate you include more fruits and veggies as a whole food, or to start juicing.  You don’t need to juice for every meal either.  It is always beneficial to juice even 1x a day.  Personally I love to make what I call “smoothies” rather than “juice”.  I use a VITAMIX, instead of a juicer.  Originally I got it because I thought the clean up was so much easier, but now it is so much more than that.  Yes it’s more expensive than a juicer, but you get so much more out of it.  With a vitamix you put the whole piece of fruit or veggie in.  This includes the skin which is LOADED WITH NUTRIENTS.  With a juicer you miss out on all of that.  So for the extra money you put into with the Vitamix you make back because you don’t have to spend as much money on produce.   I can’t make any health claims but I will tell you this.  My energy sky rockets when I have a nice green smoothie in the morning with breakfast ( arugula, fennel, cucumber, pear, kiwi, and avocado) Yummmm it is so good !!!

Another thing to mention is that although I do think the fast is a great way to cleanse, it may not be ideal for everyone.  With metabolic typing you learn how unique each individual is and what their bodies require.  For some that includes protein and fat from animal sources.  I did agree with the film that we over consume animal products, but the bottom line is most people are purchasing commercial, grain fed, antibiotic filled animal meat.  That is a massive difference compared to healthy, certified organic, free ranging, grass fed meats.  For some, these meats are essential to feeling good. Sometimes a good 24-48 hour cleanse is good for anyone and everyone.  But for those of us who require more protein and fat, a 30-60 day cleanse would be torture.  My metabolic type requires a large majority of each meal to be animal fat and protein.  When I make a smoothie in my vitamin I usually add at least a tbsp of Coconut Oil, and then I will usually have some meat on the side separately to get my protein.  Again, that is because of MY metabolic type so it may not be right for  YOU.

Lastly… if you have recently seen the film and are interested in juicing you picked a great time.  Spring is just around the corner and that is great time to start cleansing.  The winter is not an ideal time to start a cleanse. Listen to your body during the seasons.  I make “smoothies” all spring and summer long, but come winter my body does not want cold liquid as a meal.  Instead it prefers soups, stews, and anything warm.

Spring time we crave freshness, life,  and energy. Fruits and vegetables that are loaded with micronutrients provide just that


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