Today I am home cleansing. This means 24 hours of no food. My metabolic type is pure protein… as a protein type I do NOT do well without food,therefore I need to distract myself through a majority of this day to avoid thinking about food. At the same time I need to lay low and relax all day since I won’t have much energy.

This means… BLOGGGING about healthy things I love and want to share with you.

Since giving up caffeine 2 years ago, I have fallen in love w/ herbal teas. A few months back I was introduced to YERA DE HERBAL TEAS. Herbal tea is so refreshing, especially in the morning. Theres something about tea that is uplifting, invigorating, yet calming at the same time. I have had a lot of teas, but when I tried Yera De it literally made me so happy. The flavors complimented each other so well, the packaging was recycled and earth friendly, I could tell that it was hand made by someone who genuinely has a passion for making herbal teas.


Try to keep up here… my sister in laws, sister in law is the owner and creator of YERA DE HERBAL TEAS. Jamie Frodyma suffered from food allergies and sensitivities for years and this is how she fell into creating herbal teas. Her teas are not designed to “cure” but they definitely have HEALING POWER. Her personal story leading to her passion reminded me of mine. Jamies personal health issues w/ food allergies, etc, led her to a job that she can be so passionate about. My scoliosis led me to work w/ trainers and corrective specialists from a very early age, which ultimately led to my career. Immediately when I heard about Jamie and her product I knew I was going to love it and connect with it.

I took this next part right from their info link on their Facebook page because I loved everything about it…

Our company Yera Dé, LLC is founded on principles of Holism and Integration. Our name is taken from a combination of Nordic and Taoist symbolisms and means Eternally Cycling Life Potential. This is what we believe in. This is what we hope to share with you. It is our hope to enhance the quality of life for all beings on Earth by promoting health & wellness, sustainability and peace. Here at Yera Dé, LLC, we promise to supply you with innovative, eco-conscious & healthy alternatives for a variety of life’s necessary products and services.
What Going Green Means To Us: We are committed to providing our customers with ecologically responsible products and services. All of our teas are made with certified organic herbs, which we source from respectable companies and growers who are also committed to sustainability. We offer packaging made from rice paper, as well as, compostable PLA-lined (derived from corn) recyclable paper bags.

With everything i’ve been studying, reading, and posting about lately this company just seems to fulfill everything we all need. Yera De teas help heal w/ certified organic ingredients, I think this tea can also help PREVENT negative health issues, using recycled products helps you connect a little more w/ the Earth…. I can go on and on about how great this company is.

You have to check out their website to see all the great herbal tea infusions they have. On their site they have a list of all their herbal teas and infusions. They list all ingredients, remedies, and benefits of each tea. Its great to be abel to go to the site and find a specific tea that you want for your “sore throat”, “allergies”, “afternoon dessert, cookie craving” , etc.

I just recently placed an order and took a little longer to send out for a very good reason. Jamie shot me a note saying ” sorry for the delay, I was recently not feeling well and I don’t like to make the teas when I’m not feeling 100%” This ties in w/ my last post. We all connect w/ each others energies. If she were to make the tea when not feeling well she would transfer that energy into my tea. I was thankful and appreciative she didn’t make it then 🙂

Now that I have raved about YERA DE you have to check it out. Visit their website to shop for your favorite teas, and new blends that you need to try.

Check out their facebook page to follow their practice, and to witness new teas they have been brewing.

Lastly… check out their blog Teas Me Please for their latest updates.

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